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I am a 55 year old male. I have been active all my life in various sports which ultimately led to my hip cartilage damage. I had my right hip resurfaced using the anterior approach November 2007 by Dr. Stefan Kreuzer, a Birmingham hip. In Feb of this year, Dr Kruezer resurfaced my left hip with a Cormet.

I am almost two months into the recovery and I am almost back to full strength. There is still some numbness around the incision area, but I know from experience that will improve over time.

Dr. Kruezer is clearly constantly learning and improving as my second recovery is a few weeks ahead of my first.

My hospital stay was two days, I was walking the day of the surgery. I went home and used the walker for three days and never needed a cane. A week after my resurfacing, I was walking completely unassisted and even resumed normal activities like shopping, etc. Road biking is my passion, after one month I was training on a stationary bike; at five weeks I was back to riding my road bike albeit carefully; last weekend at eight weeks, I rode 80 miles in just over 4 hours.

I would strongly advise anyone considering hip resurfacing to find out if they are suitable for the anterior approach.

Nigel Church

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