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A Newsletter...?

Memorial Bone and Joint ClinicWhat's a doctor's office and a research foundation doing sending out newsletters! Well, this is our easiest way of keeping you informed on a regular basis on what we have achieved, and where we are headed. Not only is this comprehensive, but also a little different from "what the doctor prescribed!" We are eager to get your feedback.

Our Newest Studies

Not only are we putting time, money and effort into databases (Registries) that are a first in America, but we are also carrying out studies to prove that the computer navigated and robot assisted surgeries that Dr Kreuzer is doing are better based on sound scientific logic.

Dr Kreuzer uses the latest techniques, e.g. a precision bone cutting robotic arm (pictured on the left) to perform knee replacement surgeries. Although these techniques are FDA approved, methods like the MAKOplasty and Stryker's navigation system as well as Synvasive's eLibra pressure balancing technology are still new and the Research Foundation is going to great lengths to have them recognized for their value. A study in the making towards this goal involves activity monitors that measure a person’s metabolic rate on a 24 hour cycle  via a device worn on the arm. This study will assess how various groups of patients compare on their post surgical recovery when getting knee replacements by one technique versus the other.

We also have a new study sponsored by the device industry that is testing an ultrasound emitting device for use after spine surgery to improve the results of the spine fusions in cases of lower back pain due to nerve impingement problems.

We have almost completed a knee arthritis pain relief injection study with a drug that can be injected once instead of as a series of three knee shots. We have published many more research papers based on Dr Kreuzer’s experiences in the joint surgery field. So far research papers proving the point have been accepted at many national and international meetings (for more details go to our website

Happiness and Health in 2011!

We prospered in 2010 and are looking forward to a healthy 2011 as well. We are now at least 7 members strong at the Research Foundation. The latest addition is Brian Caballero. The team now has (from left top to right) Kevin Leffers, who’s ready to start an orthopedic residency possibly in Aug 2011; David Balderree, who’s our database and automation guru; Suneel Kumar who’s handling the Cormet & Uniglide studies along with the Joint Registry questionnaires; Ashish Arya who’s in charge of procuring new studies and managing the existing ones as well as expansion projects; Suzanne Janacek who wears many hats including one as a Board member of the MBJ Research Foundation, along with managing many accounts for Dr Kreuzer’s many interests, Brian Caballero - our latest addition for the upcoming Mako Study; and the omnipresent multi-tasking, multi-talented CEO and President of the Research Foundation Dr Stefan W Kreuzer.

How Many Joints Make A Clinic?

Donate to ResearchIn November of 2010 we organized our first ever Golf Tournament? Golf for Research. Pictures from the event can be seen on our website or the one dedicated to the event This will be an annual event and we had a resounding success with the help of well wishers especially Ron Ivy who’s a stellar member of the MBJ Research Foundation’s Board of Directors as well. Not only are most of our gracious sponsor’s benefactors of our joint surgeries, but they also join forces to help make a strong foundation for a bright future of research. We would like to recognize the following contributors with infinite gratitude for binding the 'bones-and-joints' of the research efforts:

Supporting our major joints: $10,000 - $25k

1. Ron & Patricia Ivy
2. Stage 3 Separation (Fred Lausen Jr.)

Golf for Research

What's New?

Donate to ResearchIn January 2010 (last year) the clinic moved to the new location near Beltway 8 and I-10 on Business Center Dr (old Town & Country Hospital). The Research offices shifted here as well, and we expanded our staff as well as work. We had our first set of Summer Interns from health care related undergrad curricula to give them an opportunity to learn clinical research first hand. The three Summer Interns had a project each, but were collaborating mostly on following up the patients who had hip surgery about 2 years back or more. They were able to shadow Dr Kreuzer in the clinic and observe him in the Operating Room as well. They walked away with a sense of accomplishment, pride and were more knowledgeable.

Are we publishing yet?

You bet we are! The most recent academic publication was in the peer-reviewed Journal (meaning very hard to get published in) Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research?. This research paper was about a study we completed describing the surgical technique for anterior approach for the hip replacement surgery instead of the traditional postero-lateral one. We also reported on initial outcomes data (patient recovery and surgery results). This is our 1st peer reviewed publication in a major journal. In addition we have numerous articles and abstract publications as well as presentations that we submit or present throughout the year in clinical conferences and periodicals e.g. ISTA, NYU Bulletin, AAHKS. We hope to be recognized as much in the academic and literary world of orthopedics as we are in the clinical real life surgery world of joint replacements and related research.

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