Memorial Bone & Joint Research Foundation
Memorial Bone & Joint Research Foundation

Visiting Surgeon Program

Physicians Surgical Observation overview since 2006, Dr. Kreuzer hosts surgeons from as far as Japan, India, and across the United States. During these surgical observations, he proctors surgeons on the Direct Anterior Total Hip Replacement. This surgical observation is intended to enhance your understanding of the features and safe and use of Stryker Orthopedic devices in a surgical setting. The best days to observe surgery with Dr. Kreuzer is on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. If you are interested in attending one of these observation sites, let your Stryker sales rep know and they will be able to register you and will provide you with all the pertinent information.


Dr. Kreuzer hosted almost 50% of visiting surgeons from Stryker requiring training about the anterior approach total hip arthroplasty.


Dr. Kreuzer hosted surgeons from India and Europe, and proctored surgeons from several states about doing their first Anterior Total Hip Replacement.


Dr. Kreuzer hosted surgeons from as far as Japan, Europe and many states in the U.S. as well as several surgeons from Texas and Houston.


Mini Fellowship Program:

Dr. Stefan Kreuzer is currently setting up a one to three months Mini Fellowship Program for surgeons who have completed a one year joint fellowship program to get some additional training, which include the following:

a. Anterior Approach Hip Replacement
b. Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS)
c. Robotic Assisted Surgery
d. Hip Resurfacing

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