Memorial Bone & Joint Research Foundation
Memorial Bone & Joint Research Foundation

SMC Anatomy Students Interact With Surgeon During Live Telesurgery

Students taking Biology Professor Gregory Smith’s Human Anatomy course gathered around a TV in Brosseau Hall on Thursday, May 2, to participate in a unique first at Saint Mary’s—interacting with a surgeon while watching a live telesurgery of a hip replacement. From first cut to last, students identified anatomy and asked questions of Stefan Kreuzer, MD, from Advanced Center for Orthopedics in Houston.

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US surgeon a smooth operator   US surgeon a smooth operator

New technology eliminates guesswork in knee surgeries

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Robot shortens knee surgery recovery

By Rosa Flores / 11 News

Getting back on your feet after knee surgery can take weeks, until now.  Thanks to a new procedure, recovery time has been cut down to less than a day

First Enrollment Cormet Post Approval Study
Dr. Stefan Kreuzer, one of the four selected surgeons for the Cormet Post Approval study, implanted the first study patient on April 21, 2008. Learn More

New Operating Table Improves Hip Replacement Surgery
Using a device that looks more like a torture rack than a surgical table, surgeons are now able to replace a hip through the front of the pelvis, limiting tissue and muscle damage and leading to faster recovery.

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