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Kimberly Thomas

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Kimberly Thomas - Adductor Stretch

Hi! I'm 53. At 51, I was in the best shape that I'd been in since my 20's. I was practicing advanced Pilates 3 times a week, and riding my horse once or twice a week. My biggest health complaint at the time was what I thought was a bad SI joint on the left side, which had been getting progressively worse over the last 10 years or so.

That fall, a minor slip caused the SI joint to become even looser, and a horseback riding trip to Portugal left me with agonizing pain down the side of my thigh on the same side.

Early the next year, we discovered that the underlying issue on the left side was a torn labrum. The labrum is a gasket of cartilage around the hip joint. It would periodically get stuck and lock my leg, and sometimes it made the leg completely unstable.

At the time, we didn't know of any Dr's in Houston who could address the tear. So over the next year, I watched my life become more and more restricted. It got to the point that I couldn't keep up with my 13 year old dog to go for a walk. Pilates was out, and riding I pretty much kept at an easy trot. It hurt so bad to sit in a chair I was spending 8 hrs a day at work standing up.

After a year of this, the Dr. who had diagnosed the tear said that she really needed to find somebody to fix it up. Fortunately, there was a Dr. in Houston who was very experienced in this particular surgery. Last April I underwent extensive arthroscopic surgery to fix the labral tear. Recovery was supposed to be 6 - 10 weeks on crutches, and then build back to regular exercise slowly.

Unfortunately - I was one of the people whose cartilage degradation sped up from the surgery, and the joint rapidly developed bone-on-bone arthritis. I never managed to get rid of the crutches - and was on 2 crutches full time till I had my hip replaced (for a total of almost a full year).

Dr. Kreuzer was one of 5 people the first doctor recommended to me. I decided that I wanted to go with him after reading this website, as I really wanted the anterior approach for the hip replacement. There are too many things that I like to do to worry about whether I'm breaking the 90 degree rule too many times.

Additionally - my glutes were already atrophied badly from the initial injury and first surgery, and I didn't want any additional stress on the glutes.

By the time I saw Dr. Kreuzer in Nov, my hip looked like the picture in the attached x-ray. I started needing pain killers stronger than I like to take about that time, too. But I needed them to function at all.

By my surgery the next January (5 months before these pictures were taken), I couldn't move my leg in any direction without it getting stuck. Bending over to brush my teeth caused a lot of grinding and crunching when I stood up. I was getting to the point of needing a wheelchair rapidly.

Needless to say, I wasn't sure how much function I was going to be able to get back things had gone downhill so far.

I am absolutely THRILLED with my progress to date. The pictures of me doing some Pilates exercises were taken almost 5 months to the day after the hip replacement. I have recovered almost all of my flexibility. I am still working on my strength, but it gets better daily. And I finally feel like I'm GOING TO GET MY LIFE BACK!

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