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Dr. Kreuzer has been invited to multiple national and international meetings to present his experience in minimally invasive direct anterior approach to the hip and emerging technologies in knee replacement.


Dr Kreuzer spoke at the International Congress of Joint Replacement on the robotically assisted partial knee replacement techniques at Cleveland, OH.

Dr Kreuzer spoke about the resurfacing technique and implant as involved in implanting the Cormet Hip Resurfacing system on behalf of Corin USA at the prestigious American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) annual meeting in San Diego


Presented a talk on DAA (Direct Anterior Approach) with Computer Navigation at the International Congress for Joint Reconstruction during ISTA Annual Conference, Dubai


Dr Kreuzer spoke at the ISTA Annual Conference in Hawaii on “Soft Tissue Balance in Primary Total Knee Arthroplasties Using a Force Sensing Device”, and “Predicting Difficulty of Femoral Preparation in the Direct Anterior Approach to the Hip”


Dr. Kreuzer in Edinburgh: Dr. Kreuzer was invited by Corin to Scotland to talk about the controversies, lessons and opportunites in his early experience with Direct Anterior Approach in Hip Resurfacing.


Dr. Kreuzer in Taiwan: Dr. Kreuzer was invited to Taiwan to present his experience with minimally invasive hip surgery and emerging technologies in knee replacement surgery at the two largest medical centers in Taiwan.

Dr. Kreuzer in Florence: Dr. Kreuzer was invited to give 2 presentations and host a question and answer session for Medacta in Florence, Italy at the 2007 EFORT. It was extremely well received and it further shows Dr. Kreuzer's international reputation regarding minimally invasive hip surgery.

Dr. Kreuzer in Berlin: Dr. Kreuzer was invited to Berlin for a 1 and day course to learn more about a new hip prosthesis which will be introduced in the U.S. by the end of this year by B and Braun Inc. As a leader in the direct anterior approach for hip replacement, his opinion was of great value to the manufacturer of this new implant.

Dr. Kreuzer in Innsbruck: Dr. Kreuzer was invited to Innsbruck by Stryker Orthopaedics to further investigate the feasibility of performing hip resurfacing through the anterior approach.


DASH meeting in New York: Dr. Kreuzer was inducted into the DASH (Direct Anterior Society for the Hip) Board. DASH is a society to research the safety and clinical outcome for the direct approach for hip replacement. Its main focus is on doing multicenter clinical trials related to the direct anterior approach for the hip.

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