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Anterior Hip Replacement Surgeries: Dr. Kreuzer conducts cadaver courses for the Direct Anterior Approach for hip replacement at regular intervals at Anatomy Labs for surgeons and sales force from all over the United States. Since he has performed over 1,500 minimally invasive direct anterior hip replacements, he is not only a leader in the field but shares his knowledge with surgeons from Houston and all over the country. More than 100 resurfacing surgeries have been performed to date (May 2011) as well.

Anterior Hip in Mahwah: Dr. Kreuzer is one of the main faculty members for the Direct Anterior Approach to the hip cadaver course in Mahwah, New Jersey (Stryker).

Total Knee Replacement: Dr Kreuzer has performed more than 750 total knee replacement surgeries as of May 2011 using computer navigation for precision measurements instead of manual estimations. He also uses a force sensory plate (synvasive) to further improve the alignment and balancing required for successful outcome of his patients. This new technique is revolutionary and may change how knee replacements are done in the future.

Partial Knee Replacement: He has performed more than 260 partial (Unicondylar) knee replacements or UKAs to date (May 2011) with advanced computer guided techniques, of which more than 175 were also robotically assisted (Mako) precision techniques. In these Total and Partial replacements patients benefit from fewer technical uncertainties and better predictability (research papers are being written about this at our organization currently). Therefore he shares this technique by teaching fellow surgeons and sales teams across the country at regular intervals.


Resurfacing training Course at The Methodist Hospital for Stryker in Houston, TX, and Anterior Hip Training Course in California, & Dallas.


Resurfacing training Course at the Homer Stryker Center in Mahwah, NJ and Anterior Hip Training Course in Virginia, as well as in Belgium and London.


Anterior Hip Training Course with Stryker in San Antonio, TX, in Albuquerque, NM, in San Diego, CA, at UT Houston, TX, in Mahwah, NJ and in L.A., California; Robotic Unicondylar knee replacement training (MAKO), Orlando, FL; Comprehensive Course on Total Hip Resurfacing, Mt Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, MD;


Dr Kreuzer taught Resurfacing training Course at the Homer Stryker Center in Mahwah, NJ, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Triumph Inc.  Charleston, SC, training course in Austin, TX, in New Orleans, LA, and at the AAHKS symposium for Salient Technology on Anterior total hip resurfacing, Dallas, TX.


Deuce Training in Pensicola: The Deuce arthroplasty was named as the most innovative orthopedic product of 2007 by Wachovia Bank. As a member of the design team of this innovative product, Dr. Kreuzer is also responsible for training surgeons in this highly technical new product to assure its clinical success.

Deuce Training in Memphis: This is another workshop / cadaver training of the Deuce arthroplasty.

Deuce Training in Chicago: Dr. Kreuzer was invited to perform a live cadaver surgery in front of 50 participants showing the surgical pearls of the Deuce arthroplasty.


Resurfacing Cadaver Course for the Corin Resurfacing Device by Stryker: Dr. Kreuzer was invited to teach at the training course in Phoenix due to his experience in hip resurfacing.

Anterior Hip Cadaver Course in Denver: Dr. Kreuzer was invited to conduct an Anterior Hip course in Denver, Colorado, instructing surgeons from all over the United States in the surgical pearls of Anterior Hip Replacement.

Anterior Hip Course in Houston: Dr. Kreuzer was the chairman of the Direct Anterior Hip course in Houston conducted at the University of Houston Cadaver Lab.

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