Memorial Bone & Joint Research Foundation
Memorial Bone & Joint Research Foundation

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When your 86 year old father-in-law says you walk worse than he does, it gets your attention. I had been an active (golf, gym work, yard work, etc) 57 year old. Over the course of 12 to 14 months I was unable to do any of these activities without experiencing great pain and stiffness. Through a business associate I learned of Dr. K and more importantly, the possibility of resurfacing. It was determined I was a candidate for resurfacing and on April 21 I had the procedure. Coming out of anesthesia, my first thought was "Where's the pain?" Other than the surgical cut, there was none. I was in the hospital 3 days, 2 weeks off work and have had an incredible recovery. Dr. K's work and the surgery is a miracle for my quality of life!

Gary E

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